Pimp your presentation with pictures

2015-09-14 Off By Markus Flechtner

At the Trivadis Techevent I gave a presentation together with Ludovico Caldara for our new speakers. We talked about experience as speaker at the various conferences and gave some tipps on e.g. preparing the slidedeck and the demos. As slides at Trivadis are usually text-heavy, one aspect was: „a picture tells more than thousand words“. A diagram, a graph, some icons or even a simple photo are very often better than lots of text in small fonts.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is hard to find appropriate pictures. But there are several sources on the internet which provide „public domain“ or „royality free“ pictures. Some of these are:

In most cases, they are licensed by a Creative Commons License and you can use them for most of your presentations.

In any case, please

  • check the license
  • respect copyright and do not use a picture without the permission of the copyright holder
  • add some information on the source of the pictures to your presentation