Talks & Publications

Most of the talks and publications are in German.


  • DOAG Regional Meeting NRW, April 2009: “Transparent Data Encryption in Oracle10g und Oracle11g” (German)
  • DOAG Regional Meeting NRW, September 2010, a.o.: “Database-Migration and -Upgrade using Oracle Streams” (German)
  • DOAG Regionaltreffen NRW, September 2011: “Den Überblick behalten – Monitoring-Tools für den RAC” (German)
  • DOAG SIG Database, January 2012: “Einführung in Backup & Recovery” (German)
  • DOAG Regional Meeting Munich, April 2012 u.a.a.O.: “Grid Control hochverfügbar mit Oracle Clusterware” (German)
  • DOAG Regional Meeting NRW, May 2013 u.a.a.O.: “NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS, Unicode and Everything” (German) (Slideshare)
  • DOAG conference 2013 a.o.: Neue ASM-Features in Oracle Database 12c (German)
  • DOAG conference 2014: Oracle 12c Threaded Execution – Resourcen sparen und Performance gewinnen – zum Nulltarif?!? (German) (Slideshare)
  • COLLABORATE 2015: RAC Clinics – Starring Dr. OraChk, Dr. CHM and Dr. TFA (Slideshare)
  • Oracle Open World 2015: Unicode Migration for Oracle Databases – a Real World Perspective (with Weiran Zhang/Oracle)
  • UKOUG Tech15: “Oracle 12c Multi Threaded Multi Process” (Slideshare)
  • UKOUG Tech15: “RAC Diagnostics with OraCHK, CHM and TFA” (Slideshare)
  • DOAG Regional Meeting NRW 09.05.2016, “Tools nicht nur für den RAC” (Slideshare)
  • DOAG database conference 10.05.2016, “Next generation database: small an helpful features”
  • DOAG Webinar November 2016: “Next generation database: Oracle Multitenant 2.0”
  • DOAG regional meeting NRW, 21.03.2017, “Oracle Multitenant – Improvements in Oracle Database 12c Release 2”
  • DOAG database conference, 30.05.2017, “Quo vadis, DBA” (together with Johannes Ahrends)
  • Oracle Open World 2017: Application Containers – an Introduction 2017-10-oow-fma-application-containers-v01-final (Slideshare)
  • DOAG regional meeting Stuttgart, October 2017, “Application Containers – an Introduction”
  • DOAG conference 2017, Nuremberg, November 2017, “Application Containers – an Introduction”
  • DOAG conference 2017, Nuremberg, November 2017, “Don’t panic, DBA” (together with Johannes Ahrends)







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