RAC on Air with #racattack

2015-04-28 Off By Markus Flechtner

“8 GB RAM should be enough”,”most of laptops produced after 2011 should be ok”, that’s what www.racattack.org states about the requirements for creating a small and simple virtual RAC cluster. So let’s start with a small MacBook Air 11,6″..


The host:


The documentation of RACAttack says that you need about 40 GB of disk space, but it’s slightly more:

  • 55 GB for the two virtual machines and the shared storage
  • about 15 GB for the installation media (OS, virtualization software, database + grid infrastructure software (zipped + unzipped)
  • so it’s about 70 GB altogether and I had to use an external drive

The shared storage:

Buffalo HD-PA1.0TU3-EU MiniStation Thunderbolt (2,5 Zoll) external HD 1TB (16MB Cache, 5400rpm, USB 3.0)



The installation is really well documented and straightforward. The only issue I had was the following message when booting the first virtual machine for the first time:


.. I pressed “OK” to ignore it and everything was OK.

It took me about 4 and a half hours to go through the whole installation procedure (OS, grid infrastructure, database software, database creation), and finally:




Here it is: Linux-based 2-node RAC (with 3 GB RAM each) and a 2-instance CDB.


So, well done #racattack team and thanks for the good manual!


Links & Download locations: