DBCA 12.2 runs datapatch automatically

2017-05-02 Off By Markus Flechtner

It was one of the issues with Oracle 12c Release 1 that datapatch was not executed by dbca automatically. So, if you had installed patches to your Oracle home before running dbca, dbca did not take this into consideration and ran datapatch to apply the SQL changes to the databases. In August 2015 Mike Dietrich wrote a blog post on this issue.

So the general recommendation was: run datapatch after DBCA (and DBUA).

However, things have changed with Oracle 12c Release 2:

I recently made DBCA create the creation scripts and ran the scripts on the command line.

And the output was

SQL> host /u00/app/oracle/product/ -skip_upgrade_check -db CDB12201;

SQL Patching tool version Production on Tue May 2 09:23:11 2017
Copyright (c) 2012, 2017, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Connecting to database...OK

Note: Datapatch will only apply or rollback SQL fixes for PDBs
that are in an open state, no patches will be applied to closed PDBs.
Please refer to Note: Datapatch: Database 12c Post Patch SQL Automation
(Doc ID 1585822.1)

Determining current state...done
Adding patches to installation queue and performing prereq checks...done
Installation queue:

For the following PDBs: CDB$ROOT PDB$SEED
Nothing to roll back
Nothing to apply

SQL Patching tool complete on Tue May 2 09:23:16 2017

OK, there is no PSU available for at the moment, but it seems that the issue is solved and datapatch is executed automatically with Oracle 12c Release 2.



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