Oracle Restart not deprecated anymore

2017-07-13 Off By Markus Flechtner

Oracle Restart ist the Clusterware for single instance systems. You can use it to run a single instance system with (almost) the same commands as a cluster. For example, Oracle Restart takes over Starting and stopping of listeners and database instances. On “normal” Unix/Linux scripts you have to provide scripts for that.

With the release of Oracle Database 12c Release 1, Oracle announced the deprecation of Oracle Restart. This is documented in Oracle 12c Release 1 – Upgrade Guide. This announcement caused uncertainty among the users, because Oracle did not announce any information about a successor.

Now (July, 10th, 2017) has withdrawn the deprecation. MOS-Note 1584742.1 reads: “Effective July 10th 2017, Oracle has withdrawn the deprecation of Oracle Restart.” 


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