#otw17sf: Oak TableWorld 2017 started

2017-10-02 Off By Markus Flechtner

Day 2 at San Francisco started with the opening of the Oak Table World at the Childrens Creativity Museum. As Mogens Norgaard, the founder of the Oaktable, stated it‘s less marketing and more technical than the typical OpenWorld sessions. So perfect for people like me. But this year the Oaktable World started with two great sessions, which were less technical.

Mogens Norgards: it was worse, it is good and it will be better

So sum up his keynote, which covered history, economics, politics, health-care and other non-technical stuff, Mogens said: it was worse, it is good and it will be better in the future. This applies for database administrators and developers, too. The more data is available, the more work will be there. But it changes (and it has constantly changed in the past). Developers should call themselves „DevOps-Engineers“, DBA should name themselves „Platform specialists“. Add terms like „real-time“, „AI“ and you are up to date. There‘s a bright future for the real-time-articifial-intelligence-platform-implementation-specialist“.

Personally, I consider this session one of the most inspring talks I‘ve ever seen at an OOW.

Kellyn Pot‘Vin-Gorman: Fighting Dinosaurs

Kellyn brought us back to the history of computer technology. Von Neumann, Shannon‘s Law and all the implications these famous theories of computer science still have to the infrastructure we are dealing with today. Another great session. No slideware on new features.

Link: http://www.oaktable.net/blog/oak-table-world-2017-oracle-open-world