Author: Markus Flechtner

Successful RAC Attack session at Duesseldorf

Last Wednesday, August 19th, we had the first RAC attack session at Duesseldorf. 14 participants from the local area, but also from Nuremberg and the Netherlands actively installing Oracle RAC on their notebooks. We enjoyed it and it was a great time for learning RAC, networking and having fun together. Thank you again to all…

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Oracle 12c: SYSBACKUP, SYSDG and OS-Authentication

As we all know, Oracle 12c allows role separation by for database administration in general, Backup & Recovery and DataGuard-Administration. You can define different OS groups for these task at installation time. Mostly these groups are named DBA, BACKUPDBA and DGDBA. Even if you do not want to introduce role separation in the first step,…

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RAC Attack! 12c comes to Duesseldorf

After Oracle Open World, DOAG conference and IOUG Collaborate RAC Attack! comes to Duesseldorf! Set up an Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c environment on your laptop, try advanced configurations or simply take the opportunity to discuss about Oracle technology. Experienced volunteers (ninjas) will help you ¬†address any related issues and guide you through the setup…

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