Author: Markus Flechtner

Oracle 12c: SYSBACKUP, SYSDG and OS-Authentication

As we all know, Oracle 12c allows role separation by for database administration in general, Backup & Recovery and DataGuard-Administration. You can define different OS groups for these task at installation time. Mostly these groups are named DBA, BACKUPDBA and DGDBA. Even if you do not want to introduce role separation in the first step,…

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RAC on Air with #racattack

“8 GB RAM should be enough”,”most of laptops produced after 2011 should be ok”, that’s what states about the requirements for creating a small and simple virtual RAC cluster. So let’s start with a small MacBook Air 11,6″.. The host: The documentation of RACAttack says that you need about 40 GB of disk space,…

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